Born Survivor Bear Grylls: Man vs Wild

People from UK and US are probably familiar with Bear Grylls. Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls is famous mountaineer, TV host and best-selling author. He wrote the books “Facing Up” (UK) a.k.a. in US as “The Kid Who Climbed Everest” where he told in details of his grueling experiences in climbing the Mount Everest. He then completed the first crossing of the frozen North Atlantic, Arctic Ocean in an inflatable boat with a team of five men and wrote a book about it called “Facing the Frozen Ocean”.

He is currently the host of the television programme Born Survivor: Bear Grylls for Channel Four in the United Kingdom, which is also shown on the Discovery Channel in the UK. The show aired under the title of Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel in the US. He was formerly the host of the television show, Escape to the Legion which was shown on Channel Four in the UK & on the Military Channel.
Grylls is currently filming new HD episodes of the acclaimed Discovery Channel television series Man vs. Wild.

Man vs. Wild

Man vs Wild staring Bear Grylls is series were Bear Grylls demonstrates survival skills through conditions unimaginable to the average man. It documents the survival of one man's venture into the most extreme situations ever aired.

Here is Bear Grylls shirtless getting his pee pee and inner thighs tree burn. I have a dirty perverted mind because the way he drunk that coconut juice looked like a “bukkake scene” to me.

Here is another video of him topless and doing push ups. He is like Steve Irwin and Matthew McConaughey rolled into one hotness.

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