Fashion Inc

In “The Super Nature Issue” of the latest issue of Fashion Inc. Magazine Iain R. Webb’s article “Heaven Sent” tackles with the increasing popularity of male models. Many new male models now are achieving the fame status of Travis Fimmel, Marcus Schenkenberg & Tyson Beckford. But according to the article that even though a lot of top male models now are getting paid like their female counterpart and getting multi million dollar campaign, industry players are still doubting they will be as well known like Kate and Naomi.

“Models are far being the new gods; however they do represent the idea of perfection.”

Below is the photos Kevin Mackintosh, Style by Adrian Clark

Another great story is from the issue is “The Power of Two” by Daryoush Haj-Najati, an interview with Dean & Dan of DSquared.
“DSquared, Dan lets on is designed for Napolis. “...very butch” “It’s a crime-ridden city but full of fashion-loving boys.”

Photos by Rodolfo Martinez style by Enrico Maria Volonte’