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Woo Do Hwan is a South Korean actor managed by KEYEAST. He is a former student at Dankook University in the Faculty of Performing Arts, Theater Major. He debuted in 2011 with an appearance in the drama "Come, Come, Absolutely Come". His first lead role came in the 2017 series"Save Me". He received the Best New Actor award at the 2017 KBS Drama Awards for his role in the series "Mad Dog". In 2018, at the MBC Drama Awards, he received an "Excellence Award" in the category "Actor in a Monday-Tuesday Drama" for his role in "Tempted". 

 He enlisted for his mandatory military service on July 6th, 2020, and was discharged on January 5th, 2022. In one of the interviews from a publication, Woo Do Hwan was asked how his mindset changed after his military service. He candidly replied, “I feel like I’ve put down the burden I’ve had for ten years. Every day before [entering the military], I would think about whether to join the army a year later or two years later. I [thought a lot] when I was working on projects too. I think I had a desire and an obsession to somehow show good performance because I thought the flow of what I’ve been doing would be cut off. Now that I can continue my life, values, my career as an actor, and more without stopping, I feel relaxed, and I also realize the importance of being able to work.” 

When asked about the differences between being in his twenties and thirties, the actor explained, “First off, I’ve finished my military service. I think I should take on more challenges as I expand my roles as an actor. Now, I’ve become more free and courageous in the choices I make. I’m more relaxed as well. In my twenties, I only ran forward.” 

Woo Do Hwan was cast in the drama 'Hunting Dogs /Bloodhounds' which will be released this year (2023)