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SOLSISTERS  is a unique, allegorical collection of NFTs representing a new era of sustainability within the NFT world; SolSisters are mythical characters of the future, returning to Earth in hopes to save Mother Nature and all her creations. Cryptographically Signed & Staked with Proof of Ownership. 100+ Unique Attributes. 

SOLSISTERS have carefully handcrafted a range of unique and innovative characteristics to fuel their ecosystem. 10,000 Minted. Each NFT is an algorithmically generated digital collectible of various properties and powers on the energy-efficient Solana blockchain, to produce 10,000 SolSisters. 

It is the year 3000. Humanity has taken advantage of Mother Nature and all she has bestowed upon us. In hopes of survival, she hides in a remote spring at the tip of the Earth, the last known source for water in all the galaxy. Upon her arrival, Mother Nature encounters the SolSisters, descendants of the sun, possessing solar superpowers. They must join forces; as Mother Nature cannot combat the momentum of the galaxy’s destruction alone. With the help of the speedy SolSisters, Mother Nature may spread her bounty rapidly enough to save the galaxy, and repopulate our worlds before the time runs out.

SolSisters represent the beginning of a new era of sustainability within the NFT world. The growing climate crisis has led populations around the globe to embrace sustainability-based values, attitudes, and preferences when purchasing products, and making lifestyle choices in total. Whether it’s selecting smarter transportation or the food you pick up from the grocery store, people all over the world are now “voting with their wallets”. 

The story of the SolSisters is multi-dimensional and was developed with thoughtful intention. SolSisters are not simply environmental vigilantes of the future, but they all pay homage to strong, brave women, and highlight essential feminist themes reflected artistically and narratively. 

The SolSisters collection holds the same intrinsic value, and stands for more than just an aesthetic collectible with utility — they stand for a moment in time. The collection is at the intersection of creative placemaking and social + environmental justice for the NFT space. As such, their value is not only indicated in hours spent on artistic production but also through the artistic choices that convey the current climate – both thermal and political – of the world. Owning a SolSister means owning the responsibility of creating change, and taking initiative in working towards a better future.