Minzy's 3rd single [TEAMO] 

 An incredible talent, Minzy, is finally back with her 3rd single. After a long-awaited year, Minzy will be returning this summer with a latin hip-hop track filled with powerful vocals and a prodigious performance. Minzy partnered with Gionata Caracciolo (a renowned songwriter who composed many songs of other leading K-pop artists like Super Junior, Red Velvet, Cravity) and participated in writing her own lyrics for Teamo, to express her yearning heart towards her fans through the story of Romeo & Juliet. 

 Recorded At 엠피아 스튜디오 Additional Engineering By 송다현 Mixed by 윤원권 DDEEPKICK studio Mastered by 권남우 821 SOUND Lyrics by MINZY Composed by Gionata Caracciolo, Sofia Ahläng, Janne Hyöty Arranged by Gionata Caracciolo