Liberation: A Festival of Arts & Culture Honoring Juneteenth As more institutions begin recognizing Juneteenth as a national holiday, it is important to uplift and name the Black joy, resistance, and expression that have always been at the core of this jubilant celebration. From June 7 to 19, SCG invites members and the community to a two-week journey highlighting ten Los Angeles-based Black musicians, cultural workers, and dancers. Register now to receive daily videos showcasing artists and their stories accompanied by guided questions for self-reflection and meditation. Join us to pause, re-connect, and honor this sacred day.


Lineup Week
1 Day One | Monday, June 7th 2021 Qur'an Shaheed Pianist, Vocalist and Composer
Day Two | Tuesday, June 8th 2021 Samad Raheem Guerra Dance Artist, Choreographer and Writer Day Three | Wednesday, June 9th 2021 Rachel Hernandez Dance Artist and Choreographer 
Day Four | Thursday, June 10th 2021 Jamael Dean Pianist and Producer 
 Day Five | Friday, June 11th 2021 Kibrom Birhane Pianist and Composer 

Week 2 Day 
Six | Monday, June 14th 2021 Onyi Pianist, Vocalist and Composer 
Day Seven | Tuesday, June 15th 2021 William Alexander Mmulti-intrumentalist and Composer 
Day Eight | Wednesday, June 16th 2021 Nailah Hunter Harpist, Vocalist and Composer 
Day Nine | Thursday, June 17th 2021 Josh Johnson Saxophonist, Multi-instrumentalist and Composer Day Ten | Friday, June 18th 2021 Kara Jenelle Dance Artist, Choreographer and Scholar Questions