"SEXLIFE "Comedic Drama Short Film about Intimacy and Parenting. 

 "SEXLIFE" is the story of Dan's ham-fisted attempts to get ‘new’ mother Mia into bed with hilarious, emotional, and musical consequences. 
 "Having a baby is all that you know it is; rewarding but yet really hard work. The well-known challenges involve lack of sleep and endless laundry, but a challenge that is less often discussed is the strain it all puts on relationships. 

This is the focus of Stefan Georgiou’s"SexLife", and indeed we do not see the baby on-screen at any point – essentially he is a plot device in a more interesting story of how a relationship changes, strains, and (hopefully) survives. 

Originally written by Kefi Chadwick as a theatrical piece for the Edinburgh Festival, the film deftly balances comedy and drama in its portrayal of a relationship that has fundamentally changed from the care-free fun-loving days, into one of stress, work, and loss of freedom. T

Jemima Rooper 
Dylan Edwards 

Writer: Kefi Chadwick 
Producer: Ted Byron Baybutt 
Director: Stefan Georgiou​