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An unprecedented retrospective organised by the Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais, the Cartier. Le style et l’histoire exhibition is a celebration of Cartier style and an expression of cultural recognition that affirms Cartier’s place in the world of decorative arts.

Since 1983, the Cartier Collection has been presented in 25 exhibitions at numerous cultural institutions worldwide, including the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the British Museum in London, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon and the Palace Museum in Beijing’s Forbidden City.

From 4 December to 16 February 2014, this creative heritage will be on display at the Grand Palais in Paris, offering a testament to the Maison’s style and craftsmanship. More than 600 creations have been selected: high jewellery pieces, mystery clocks, watches and precious objects will be exhibited alongside private loans on show for the very first time.

Archive material and abundant documentation accompany the exhibition’s content. Designed to place the creations within the wider perspective of evolutions in taste, the decorative arts and art in general, this exhibition also offers a reading of Cartier style in the context of social developments that have occurred over more than a century of creation.

Snake necklace, was  a special order in 1968 by iconic actress of  golden Age of Mexican cinema -Maria Felix.  It is made of platinum, white gold, yellow gold, 2473 diamonds (178.21 carats), emeralds, green, red and boac enamel.

The brooch from the Monaco Princely Palace collection. It has the Monaco coat of arms and made platinum, gold, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies.

The reliquary pendant, dated October 24, 1926, comes from the Monaco Princely Palace collection. The pendant with with photographs of Princess Charlotte of Monaco, Prince Rainier of Monaco and Princess Antoinette of Monaco is made of platinum, yellow gold with black enamel, interior with three spring-mounted leaves, platinum chain alternating with seven natural pearls. 

Cartier tiara from the Monaco Princely Palace collection that was special order in 1949.  It is made of platinum, white gold, diamonds and pearls.

Grace Kelly's engagement ring, made of platinum, emerald-cut diamond (approximately 10.47 carats), two baguette-cut diamonds, emerald-cut diamond, from the Monaco Princely Palace collection.

The Academician's sword made for Jean Cocteau, Cartier Paris, 1955, made of gold, silver, emerald, rubies, diamond, ivory, onyx, blue enamel and steel blade. 

Lunar excursion module exact replica by Cartier Paris, in 1969, made of yellow gold, white gold, black lacquier, red, white and blue enamel.  

A necklace, Cartier Paris, 1951, made of platinum, gold, diamonds and rubies that are certified to be from Burmese origin and never having undergone heat treatment.

A flamingo brooch, Cartier Paris, special order, 1940, made of platinum, gold, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and citrine.

A bob necklace, Cartier Paris, spécial order, 1947, made of 18- and 20-karat gold, platinum, diamonds, amethysts and turquoise.

 A necklace with five motifs can be detached and worn as brooches. It’s made of platinum, gold, diamonds and rubies. 

The necklace was created for Sir Bhupindra Singh, maharajah of Patiala by Cartier Paris, in 1928.  It’s made of platinum, diamonds, zircons, topazes, synthetic rubies, smoky quartz and citrine.

The saphir pendant was belonged to the Queen of Romania.  The pendant now belongs to the Museum of Qatar. 

miniature showing the Cartier Paris boutique in 1859.

Cartier clocks.

A vanity case, Cartier Paris, 1913, made of pink gold, yellow gold, platinum, polychrome enamel, diamonds, onyx and pearls

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