These are the current top internationally trending runway and editorial Asian male models. in alphabetical order. AIDEN PARK


John Varvatos main theme for the spring summer 2014 men’s collection is return to elegance. He offers a nonchalantly dressy wardrobe, mixing day and night pieces.

The collection is dressy, stressing texture and craft. Intricate tailoring, unexpected details and a pervading finesse get an air of sophisticated ease through tactile finishes, ombrè dyeing, and permanent crinkle treatments that give clothes a lived-in yet crisp patina. The silhouette is tall and sleek, with an emphasis on the waist and a trim shoulder. Slim trousers or flares, either with a wide cuff or not, finish it off with a certain swagger. Three-button jackets express an old-school refinement that is composed and progressive. They are worn with jacquard vests, shirts, ties or bowties. Elements of the formal wardrobe, from wing collars and French cuffs on shirts to three-piece suits, are interpreted in new, personal mixes. Washed satin lapels on textured suits create an idea of a daytime tuxedo. Inside-out construction and mixes of different fabrics give tailored pieces a visual/tactile feel that is subtle. Coats with deconstructed interventions at the waist and Hendrix-inspired frocks draw an assertively elegant figure. Eye and touch are constantly stimulated: brushed silver leather, hand beading on pockets and under collars, suede with a flannel finish, spring tweeds done in worsted wool. Knits enrich the play of textures with coated weaves and reinterpreted classic patterns. Foil-backed leather blousons and jackets look intensely lived-in while being proper.

The color palette is classic, with a twist. A world of blues, and then tones of cream, sand and black are highlighted by flashes of red and dashes of silver. Fabrics and yarns are quintessentially masculine: wool, linen, jute, leather, suede. 

Accessories include brushed leather or subtly printed lace-up shoes, either with gaiters or not, coated linen and leather satchels, sash belts and aviator sunglasses. Neckties, metal-chain bowties, long thin silk fringed scarves, tie pins, boutonnière broaches complete the image with elegant finesse.

 Music Credits for show video:
"Skinny Little Girl” – Hanni El Khatib
“Head In The Dirt” – Hanni El Khatib
“So You Want To Be A Dancer” – Paul Weller
“Sun & Moon” – Johnny Marr