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The Woolmark Company, one of the world’s best known textile fibre brand held an international competition for emerging designers around the world to make a capsule collection highlighting the beauty of the Merino wool fibre.

The final presentation was held on February 17 during London Fashion Week. The final six designers were judged by eight most influential personalities in fashion industry. Diane Von Furstenberg, Donatella Versace, Franca Sozzani, Tim Blanks,Victoria Beckham, Andrew Keith, Carla Sozzani, Paula Reed.

The six finalist were:
Dion Lee - Australia Dion Lee’s capsule collection reflects his view of the contemporary Australian identity, and is inspired by the work of the Danish architect Jørn Utzon, who in 1952.

Sophie Theallet - USA Chic, nonchalant, feminine and luxurious. The concept  reflected the designer’s unique vision and sensibility for Merino wool. The inspiration comes from the designer’s family, specifically from an old photo album of her mother and friends skiing in France in the late 40s.
Ban Xiao Xue - China From Nature to Nature. Their capsule collection were a  celebration of nature, where shapes are fluid, colours derive from grass, trees and earth, and textures are inspired by natural elements, such as wood, stones, flowers and air.

Pankaj and Nidhi – India.   The capsule collection is a colourful and vibrant canvas of ideas, rendered entirely in Merino wool, using innovative techniques, such as a patterned Merino Fur, a complex wool-tape mesh structure inspired by Japanese basket weaving and the old fashioned craft of cross-stitching, reinterpreted in a modern avatar-mood.

Takeshi KITAZAWA and Emiko SATO - Japan.   The collection is focused on slim fitted and tailored style, with no precise gender distinction, with black as the signature colour. The inspiration comes from a British film of 1983, entitled THE HUNGER, featuring rock star David Bowie, the symbol of the glam aesthetic.

Christian Wijnants - Europe,  His capsule collection is based on the simple idea of starting from a single white yarn and to explore all its potential. The leading theme is based on hand-knitting and hand-dyeing techniques, using deep colours inspired by crystals and minerals, and experimenting to obtain unique shades and avoid shrinkage.

Carla Sozzani; Donatella Versace; Victoria Beckham; Diane von Furstenberg; Franca Sozzani

Donatella Versace

Diane von Furstenberg; Donatella Versace

Victoria Beckham

Franca Sozzani

Hillary Alexander

Corrine Bailey Rae; Candice Bailey Rae 

Arizona Muse; Anja Rubik

Arizona Muse

Anja Rubik

JW Anderson

Donatella Versace; Diane von Furstenberg; Franca Sozzani; Victoria Beckham

Stuart McCullough; Tim Banks; Victoria Beckham

Designer Ban Xiao

Designer Sophie Theallet

Designer Christian Wijnats

Designer Pankaj Nidhi

Designer Dion Lee

Designer Takeshi Tikasawa and Emiko Sato

Winner Christian Wijinants

Photos by Dave M. Benett