Oh the trouble of moving, would you believe that I still don’t have an internet connection at new place? After seventeen days and 5 visits from technician they finally figured out what’s wrong, my location is too brand new and higher up to get a signal from my internet provider. So now I have only one choice is to go to the other provider that I have heard a lot of complaints about their service. Oh well, c'est la vie.

For now here is the last photo shoot I did with the model Stefan from NEXT MODELS CANADA, Hair and make-up by Bronwen Weiderick. Before our photo shoot it was raining hard that morning. I was ready to put up my white background and just shoot inside but luckily the weather cooperated.

1) Shirt, cardigan, pants by Lacoste

2) Blazer and Jeans by Zara, shirt by Polo by Ralph Lauren, shoes by PUMA by Alexander McQueen

3) Shirt, sweater, jeans and shoes by Lacoste
4) shirt, short, shoes and bag by Lacoste

5) Blazer ans shirt by Hugo Boss Orange, short by Jil Linderberg

6) Vest and denim short by POLO by Ralph Lauren

Photo by Edwin Cabrera -

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