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Farewell Michael

I was on the cross trainer at my gym when I saw the news Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital. I didn’t pay much attention to it thinking it just probably over exhaustion. Then a few minutes later came in the news. “Michael Jackson is dead”. I was shocked. I stepped into that cross trainer as fast as I can I wont break into tears.

I’m not a big die hard Michael Jackson fan but I felt some part of died too. I felt like crying for the past few days. Since I’m a little kid I have been listening, singing and dancing to his music and who hasn’t- come on Jackson’s “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” is a Christmas classic. Then during the 80’s he defined MTV. He influenced a lot of performers that almost shaped what people expect for every pop performer.

Although he became a joke punch line during the past decades of his life and career no one can still deny his great musical talent that people still hoping for his comeback.

I planned to post something about Michael as soon I found out that he passed away but I couldn’t find any word to say, even now I’m having a hard time to make this post coherent. I guess just really want to say that I’m sad that Michael left us for good but for sure we will rock with him forever.

Here are two my favourite Michael Jackson's songs and videos.