Titjana Pavlov Fall/Winter 2009/2010

Serbian designer Tijana Pavlov is one of the great talents that is emerging right now in men’s wear. She has very interesting new point of views in men’s fashion. She conveys her ideas and deep messages on her designs through colours, silhouettes and prints.

Born Born in Belgrade and graduated at Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Belgrade for Fashion Design, she won of “Best Young Fashion Designer of the Year” in 2007 Pantene Beauty Award.

Courtesy of Larapixie.com here is the Tijana Pavlov’s fall/winter 2009/2010 collection shown at 25th Belgrade Fashion Week.



Anonymous said…
The model, who wears some of the garments, including that final raincoat, is so beautiful. He should go to Milan...
Anonymous said…
his name is Danijel Stevanovic, from Belgrade :)