These are the current top internationally trending runway and editorial Asian male models. in alphabetical order. AIDEN PARK

GIEL MAGAZINE - The New International Man's Style Magazine

Geil in the German lexicon is properly used for a sexual state of excitement "Ich bin Geil" (translation: "I'm horny"), but can be used to anything that is exciting - music, clothes, etc.

Geil Magazine is an entirely new magazine concept for the German market - a fashion magazine for men including features on grooming, art, shipping, gadgets, travels and lifestyle for the mature and modern man. Geil Magazine is a fashion oriented niche consumer magazine. Covering both local and international fashion scenes. It will presents the hottest and trendiest designers as well as more traditional, classic and sporty brands.

Here are a couple of interesting editorials from Geil Magazine.

"Scents Of A Man" Photography by Lope Navo, Editor: Don-Alvin Adegeest

"Flamingo Road" Photography by Bruno Staub, Fashion: Jean-Michel Clerc

You should check it out now.


Unknown said…
Does anyone know the who the model is in the second picture (blenheim)? Thanks.
The suits gets sexier and sexier each year.
Doug said…
Geil Magazine is a fake magazine that has been set up by a con artist named Dan Mancinetti. He has done his “work” in many cities, first claiming to be a freelance editor for Arena Homme Plus, New York Times, Upstreet, Surface, Flaunt, amongst others. He burns all for any expenses incurred (photographers, model agencies, hair&make-up agencies, photo studios, labs, etc.) and steals clothing from showrooms claiming things are lost or stolen. He has done his scam in London, New York, Milano, Sydney. As he had various magazine pursuing legal action against him, he now creates his own magazine titles that he is “launching”. First he had “Tesao!Mag” supposedly based in Milano, now he has “Geil” supposedly based in Berlin. He is currently commissioning shoots at various locations for “Geil” magazine. He manipulates people online, and convinces them to do work for him. All emails from various individuals at this magazine, are instead Mr.Mancinetti writing & responding. No telephone contact ever happens with these individuals. Those in doubt of “my” truthfulness should just investigate further on there own, before working with this individual.
The story came out in the Sydney Morning Herald last year. see article intitled “Why The Cheese Set Is Cheesed Off”
Anonymous said…
its not fake i have a paper copy! haha