Balenciaga Men Spring/Summer 2009

During Paris women’s spring/summer 2009 show Balenciaga’s Nicolas Ghesquire show a few amazing men’s wear on his show. I have been admiring Ghesquire for his technical genius in designing women’s clothes. He carefully researches and studies fabrics and cut them and shape them in wonderful and modern silhouettes. Now I’m so excited that he is doing men’s wear. I love all them. Recession?! What recession? They are just a must have in for next year spring.

Male models Cole Mohr, Jethro Cave, Tim Frafe, Leon Reindl, Hakan, Ash and Juno McNamara walked on the show.


ohh I luv that junkie look!, heheh kewl!
Anonymous said…
i love this junkie look.
Starck Mad said…
LOVE it.
Love how it is a totally Thierry Mugler look.