These are the current top internationally trending runway and editorial Asian male models. in alphabetical order. AIDEN PARK

Designer Wooyoungmi

Graceful is not usually an adjective you can describe a menswear collection but Korean designer Wooyoungmi clothes are like Premier Danseur of men’s fashion. Her ideal outfits for modern men are minimalist, streamlined, delicate and yet masculine. Wooyoumi’s designs usually have interesting details that don’t overpower the garments. They were added in exact precision to balance the cut, texture and silhouette thus, re-inventing men’s wardrobe without being scary and un-wearable.

The first time I checked out her Spring/Summer 2008 collection I almost screamed. They were beautiful; the asymmetrical cut on the sleeves and pockets, the way how her tank top has gills like effect, the colour palette, the silhouette. They all seem to flow like a graceful danseur doing glides and Arabesques. I was drooling and still am every time I see it. I want to have one. Unfortunately the store TNT blue here in Toronto doesn’t have that particular collection.

Her Spring/Summer 2009 is equally exceptional. The Classic men clothes were done in done in very transparent, shinny fabrics contrast with traditional cotton. They are seductive utilitarian clothes for futuristic businessmen. Wooyoungmi successfully fused sportswear and classic tailoring. . The chapeau hats, high boots in plastic and transparent white blazer are my favourite pieces.

You could see from some of photos of her collection that her style is becoming more polished each season. She really produces amazing contemporary clothes.

Spring/Summer 2009

Fall/Winter 2008-2009

Spring/Summer 2008

Fall/Winter 2007



woooww I just had a thousand orgasms!!!!!!!
..... said…
i want so many coats from here !! grrr now im so jealous !
LYNN and HORST said…
those plastic boots are amazin
so sexy
Anonymous said…
Wooyoungmi design are presented beautifully in show. He did well for the promotion of men's fashion in Korea. I think people of Kora will enjoy there deign and they like them.
Collection of different season is presented very beautifully.
Anonymous said…
They are doing great work for Korean men, the Korean men will like their work.