Top Male Model: Canadian Taylor Fuchs

A volleyball player and student of Natural Science at University of Calgary, born and raised White City, Saskatchewan boy Taylor Fuchs was approached about modeling by Mode Models scout. But it took him until six months to give it a shot. In April of 2007, Mode Models sent Taylor down to New York where he also signed with Public Image Worldwide. In his first month as a model, Taylor walked the runways of Paris and Milan clothed in the latest attire from fashion giants like Dolce and Gabbana, Burberry, Fendi and Yves St. Laurent.
In a very short time Taylor Fuchs become not just one of the top but the top male model right now according to Forbes Magazine.

Real Name: Taylor Brett Fuchs
Nationality: Canadian
Birthday: January 17, 1987
Born in: White City, Saskatchewan, Canada
Lives now: New York, NY
Agencies: Public Image Worldwide, Why Not Model, Bleu Model Management, Success Model
Known for: My eyes, my lips
Status: Rising star
Friends with: Cole Mohr, Egle Tvirbutaite, Luke Worrell, Nick Snider, Simon Nessman
Interests: Listening to Bob Marley, volleyball, working out
Top 5 bands/artists:- Bob Marley- Jack Johnson- Red Hot Chili Peppers- Eminem- Kenny Chesney
Top 5 movies:- A Night at the Roxbury- Old School- Zoolander- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- Blood Diamond
What's your drink of choice? JD.
What are some of the perks of the industry that you've experienced so far? Got to meet some pretty girls!
What are some of the harder things to deal with, as a model? Being away from family and friends.

CTV's Canada AM interview with Taylor Fuch can be viewed here.
Antonio Marras FW08 Backstage

Showstudio: "BONED"

Showstudio: "BONED""Model Taylor Fuchs is now perched atop a table, giving us a flash of peach corsetry from under his 1940s style flannel trousers and mac. Watch as Nick and his two assistants Ruth and Simon feed darkslides into the back of the camera and stylist Alister Mackie makes finishing adjustments to his louche ensemble."


ryder said…
eaven his polaroids are amazing. usually polaroids suck. especialy in the man department. u wonder why this guy-and than after devolpmet u c a gorgeus person. but taylor is a different story. amazing from the start.
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