AN APPRECIATION: Yves Saint Laurent

Legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent), 71, died Sunday evening in Paris. He is one of the most influential designers in history of fashion. He revolutionized haute-couture tradition and gave the women way of dressing. His innovation laid the foundation to not only modern women’s wear but to the whole fashion industry as well; YSL tuxedo, the pantsuits, marrying art and fashion through his Mondrian shift dress, safari jacket, the smoking jacket, peasant blouse, dramatic and extravagant runway shows, putting a black model in fashion show.

Yves Saint Laurent, 1962

Yves Saint Laurent - 1959

Yves Saint Lauren Q&A 1966

Mort de Yves Saint Laurent: rétrospective

Mort de Yves Saint Laurent: rétrospective
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Exposición muestra relación del modisto Ives Saint Laurent y arte

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International Herald Tribune "Yves Saint Laurent, the designer who redefined women's wear" by Suzy Menkes--"In an era of corporate couture and fast fashion, there has not been much time or space for grace - the essence of the spirit and soul for which Saint Laurent will be remembered."

NY Times(December 24, 2000) "Yves of Destruction " --Cathy Horyn---"

NY Times "Yves Saint Laurent, Giant of Couture, Dies at 71" by Anne- Marie Schiro

Lost Angeles Times -"Yves Saint Laurent reinvented the clothing we live in" by Booth Moore ---"There is virtually nothing about the way we dress or the way we shop now that was not a result of his 44-year career."

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