These are the current top internationally trending runway and editorial Asian male models. in alphabetical order. AIDEN PARK

Men's wear Milan & Paris Fall/winter 2008-09

I feel like I need to really post something really special after not posting for almost 2 weeks. I'm really sorry. I just really have been busy. I don’t want to complain or appear to be whining about the situation because just like Karl Lagerfeld said “Only lazy people complain about being busy.” I have been doing a lot of photoshoot in addition to my daily job. I’ll post some of the photos once I’m done.

Ok I guess a lot of you have already checked out the men’s wear Milan & Paris fall/winter 2008-09 collection. So here is my take on Men's Milan and Paris show.

I know men’s fashion moves in snail speed but I’m quite disappointed with a lot of designers going back to the same old stuff with the exemption of few like Raf Simmons and Lanvin. Restraint is the main word for the season. With all the worry about the coming recession designers went back to their old influences and delivered a lot of very melancholic clothes. I don’t buy the whole thinking of ”doom and gloom” future and thus we must dressed in drab, boring clothes. Also most of the designers reference Russian proletarians, One might think that the luxury market has completely embrace the working class. I guess by next fall we would have a perfect utopian world all wearing black and gray cashmere pullover.

So my top choice collection for Fall/Winter 2008-09

1) Raf Simons
I think what Azzedine Alaia’s does to women’s wear is exactly what Raf Simons is doing to mens’ wear. They are both designing clothes that are clean, modern and perfectly sculptured to the body. Raf Simons master of tailoring really showed in this collection. The clothes are perfectly molded to the body that enhances the wearer’s form for rather than showing unflattering bulges that normally prime concern when one’s wear a tight fitting outfit, thus making it very relatable for both younger and older men. I love how all the narrow silhouettes were grounded by big chunky shoes.

2) YSL
If it weren’t for Raf Simons innovative design, the YSL men by Stefano Pilati for fall/winter 08-09 would have been my top choice. I love the relax elegance of the whole collection. The amazing delicious colours of the clothes; bright yellow unstructured felt coat which is one of my favourite item, tie-dye velvet jackets in rich marigold and dragonfly blue and ice cream tone coats and blazers dominated the collection. The silhouettes are more relax.

This season Pilate did a virtual show instead of the usual runway show. He collaborated with video artist Colonel Blimp and cast actor Simon Wood rather than a model to be the star of the video. Here’s the video.

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3) Lanvin
There’s dandy sensibility in Lanvin offering for fall/winter 2008-09. The coats and jackets often decorated with boutonni√®res are boxy were matched with shrunk trousers with a ribbed cuff that made them look like sweatpants.


great choices!! I would included Fendi too but those u've put r great!