This is another reason why everyone should get a copy of the new issue of VMan. Under the lens of Mario Testino again, the Vman's story "The Making of male supermodel" is sizzling hot with David Gandy (arguably the hottest male model right now-well he’s the only male model right now who’s known by even people who aren’t fashion follower) in various white clothing including my favourite white CK tighties. The article is also has David Gandy interview by Daisy Garnett.

Here are the few highlight;

Daisy Garnett: Theirs is a huge difference between winning a modeling competion and becoming a serious fashion player. How did that transition happen?

David Gandy: I did it the long way around. When I first started, the demand was for very young, very skinny, androgynous guys. That look has dominated a lot of the campaigns and editorials over the last few years. Because I’m none of those things, I went down the commercial catalog route in order to earn a living. I did earn good money, but I realized that money wasn’t the reason I become a model.

D. Garnett: Was it hard to turn your career in an entirely new direction?

David Gandy: I wasn’t allowed to do any of the catalog work I’d been doing, which meant I had very little income for awhile. Then we tried to get the right pictures to the right people. Slowly, with hard work, the attitude toward me (that I was too commercial and “handsome” something I could never understand) changed. Now I’m working on campaigns and editorials , being photographed by Mario Testino and interviewed by VMan. It’s amazing. But modeling is like any job, the longer you do it, and the more successful you become, the more you are taken seriously…..

David Gandy: Women don’t generally throw themselves at me, though that would be nice. I’ve been told by girlfriends that I look intimidating. Apparently that’s why women don’t approach me… I don’t have an ideal woman. I went out with someone for three years who I think is the most beautiful girl in the world, but I realized that beauty certainly isn’t everything. My ideals in a woman include someone who would love me for the way I am, faults and all. If she happened to look like Michelle Pfeiffer or Rachel McAdams, that would be kind of fab too.

There are more on David Gandy here.


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Bravo et merci pour tes photos