Vanity Fair's Style Issue : Viva Brazil

In the September “Style Issue” of Vanity Fair photographer Mario Testino and Fashion Director Michael Roberts created some sexy photo spread celebrating Brazil with the country’s artists, performers, actors and models. Some of the Brazilians on the editorial are Gisele Bundchen (who is also in cover), Andriana Lima, Isabella Fontana, Evandro Soldati, Romulo Pires, Thyago Alves,Felipe Caffe, Bebel Gilberto, Tiago Marinho, Leondro Ghidini, John Moraes, Rodrigo Fronta, Felipe Hulse, Raphael Sander, Daniel Esdras ….

Also in this issue are the 68th international best dressed list and a great article about Isabella Blow.

Update here is the video of Gisele's cover shoot with Mario Testino
Source: Vanity Fair


PretaMulatta said…
you've failed to mention some very important actors in Brasilian TV.

Reynaldo Gianecchini - garoto extraordinaire!!!

Tais Araujo, Camila Pitanga and Jonathan Haagensen, three of the most important AfroBrasilian actors in TV in the last 5 years in Brasil.
Anonymous said…
To: Preta Mulatta,

Thanks very much for your comment but what else would you expect here? We, the viewers and fans, absolutely LOVE Tais Araujo and think that Mr. Haagensen is one terrific actor (it'd be great to see them on t.v. or even in an American film one day soon.), but I haven't seen Camila in anything though.
Gisele is well-known here in the U.S., but Tais (and Mr. Haagensen) is 'more' well-known for her novelas and other bodies of work. Wouldn't surprise me that Vanity Fair 'threw them in', just as a 'last minute' type thing. Thanks any way for your comment though, it was much appreciated. Brasilian television has a much bigger following here in the U.S. than you might realize.