R.I.P. Isabella Blow

I’m so sad that one of the most powerful icons in fashion Isabella Blow just died. Her avant garde style was as famous as her skill in discovering great talents, Alexander McQueen, Philiph Treacy to name a few.

"She was a great champion of young people. She came from the establishment but she was a punk at heart. Her love was talent, rather than money. Her ethos was beauty and elegance. And her encouragement was rare." Philiph Treacy.

“Isabella was this amazing bright light in a world of increasingly corporate culture.” Anna Wintour

Isabella Blow: Fashion loses an inventive icon (International Herald Tribune)


Anonymous said…
Im sorry to say that i basically knew nothing about her, until a friend of mine played me a song he wrote in memory of her. It's very upbeat and tells her story in a very positive way. i highly suggest you give a listen, and maybe watch the tribute video for her on youtube.