Wednesday, December 21, 2016


In this short film presented by The Atlantic, futurist and professor at Standford University Jerry Kaplan and Saadia Zahidi speculates that the rise of automation, artificial intelligence and robotics will affect men more than women. There's a prediction that in the next 20 years nearly half of American jobs will be replace by robots.  The automation will include losses of jobs, and change what we value when it comes to skill sets.

Physical labours that are usually male dominated will be very likely replace.  On the other hand, care-related work or person and jobs that needs a lot of interpersonal skills that tends to be dominated by female are not going to be affected and will be more likely increase in worth.  Robots can only function analytically but can't perform reading human emotions. Jerry Kaplan thinks that automation could place a premium on the type of work that women tend to be good at, like person-to-person interaction, reading human emotion, collaboration, and creativity.

In this animation from The Atlantic, he and Saadia Zahidi of the World Economic Forum explore what the future could hold for the balance of power between genders and the distribution of labor at home.

Client: The Atlantic
Producer: Nadine Ajaka
Animation / Direction: Andrew Embury
Illustration: Loris F. Alessandria
Animation: James Hazael
Animation: Jardeson Rocha
Animation: Robert Anderson
Animation: Francesco D'Ambrosio
Audio: The Atlantic

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