Monday, May 12, 2014


The anime Akira is one of the most loved epic anime films. (I posted about it years ago here.) There are so many fans clamoring to make it into a live action film. A group of fans launced an Indiegogo campaign last July to create a fan-trailer of Akira. So here's the final product. The production was shot in Montreal (Yay Canada!). I love that Osric Chau who was prophet Kevin Tran from Supernatural played the character Kenada Shotaro.

 1. Score: Icarus (Deus Ex Main Theme) - Michael McCann (iTunes:
2. End Credits: Kaneda's Theme Remix - Le Matos : (

 Producer/Director: Nguyen-Anh Nguyen
Director of Photography: Jan Belina-Brzozowski
Visual Effects Supervisor:Santiago Menghini
Production Designer: Laura Nhem
Kaneda Shotaro: Osric Chau
Tetsuo Shima: Xavier Yuvens
Yamagata: Simon Li Kei:

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