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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

D&G Anthology: 1 Le Bateleur & 6 L' Amoureaux

Here are the anthology videos of the new D&G fragrance called 1 “ Le Bateluers” and 6 "L' Amoureaux" . I haven’t tried them yet but according to D&G 1 “ Le Bateleurs” aromatic top notes are: it begins with cool an aquatic heart, before settling into an earthily textured base, fiery yet bracing, fluid yet grounded, the scent is symphony of perfectly poised contradictions. The personality of 1“Le Bateleurs” man is provocative and playful - ragingly passionate, yet enviably cool - a man who gets what he wants. He is dominant and distinctive, resolutely direct, and accomplished Mediterranean seducer. While the “ 6 L'Amoureux “ top notes are spices & musk: bergamot, juniper, pink pepper, birch leaf, cardamom and orris heart, with a wood and musk base. “ 6 L'Amoureux “ man is romantic, intense and a great charmer.

Maybe you guys should check it out tell me what it really smells like. But for now enjoy the hot top male model Tyson Ballou and as the “Le Bateleur” man and Noah Mills as 6 "L' Amoureaux" man .



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