These 3 NFTS are a labour of love a year in the making, as both artists partnered to connect to the idea of creation and motherhood through these visualizations. Proceeds from the sale will benefit three nonprofits focused on supporting women and children around the world. 

The sale, starting on May 11, will benefit three nonprofit organizations that focus on women and children: the Voices of Children Foundation (which provides relief to Ukrainian refugees), the City of Joy Foundation (which aids domestic violence survivors in the Democratic Republic of Congo), and Black Mama’s Bail Out (which provides bail money for jailed caregivers). The NFTs include digital renderings of the iconic singer made in Beeple’s signature style, with hypnotizing 3D scans of Madonna in surreal situations based on the concept of motherhood. The racy portraits of Madonna in various poses also include audio contributions from the iconic singer. In one image, a tree of life appears to emerge from Madonna’s… privates, which are overlain with the poetry of Rumi.

THE CHARITIES The Voices of Children Foundation has been working to support the women and children affected by the war in Ukraine since 2015 with psychological and urgent care. Children shudder from explosions and shots. They wake up with the shrill sounds of sirens and fall asleep in the basements. Kindergartens, maternity hospitals, shelters where families seek some safety are becoming targets. Children need our help.

The City of Joy, a project of V-Day, is a transformational leadership community for women survivors of severe violence, located in Bukavu, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Since opening its doors in 2011, 1734 women have graduated from the City of Joy, healed themselves, been nurtured, learned new skills, empowered themselves and joined into a network of love and revolution. These women have released massive trauma and horrific memories. They have danced, sung, learned their rights, performed plays, developed agricultural skills, and come to love their bodies. They have become leaders in their communities. They are no longer stigmatized for being raped. These women are forces of energy and determination, entrepeneurs of small businesses, initators of collectives, restaurant owners, farmers with new land, educators and advocates on sexual violence, the list goes on. City of Joy serves 90 survivors of gender violence aged 18-30 at a time.

Black Mama’s Bail Out began in 2017 with a mass bail-out of black mamas and caregivers who are disproportionately incarcerated. Sixty percent of people in local women’s jails have not even been convicted of a crime and are awaiting trial—and 80 percent of them are parents. In the tradition of our enslaved ancestors—who bought one another’s freedom in many forms and fashions—and centering the present-day traditions of Black queer feminism, we began what would become the National Bail Out (NBO) collective. We use the term “Mama” to encompass all Black women and femmes that self-identify as a Mama—including cis and Trans women, femmes, gender nonconforming people, and non-binary folks—who parent and care for their families and communities in various traditional and nontraditional ways. We are not just speaking about birth and biological mothers. These Black women, femmes, and gender-nonconforming folks—Black Mamas and caregivers—are often without support or a safety net when they are condemned to a cage: there is no one to come for them. Black Mama’s Bail Out is a campaign to bail out Black Mamas and caregivers from jails and migrant detention centers across the country every year before Mother’s Day, marking the first mass bail out action in contemporary times.