"Clothes Makes a Man" by Joseph Bleu

Here’s the continuation of Joseph Bleu’s editorial story “Clothing or No Clothing” with model Mischel. I don't know why the photos reminds me of that 80's song by Belinda Carlisle "Circle in the Sand".

"Sundown all around walking thru the summers end. Waves crash baby, dont look back I wont walk away again... "

"Cold wind, tide move in shiver in the salty air. Day breaks, my heart aches. I will wait for you right here."

"Circle in the sand round and round. Rising of the moon as the sun goes down. And you complete the heart of me. Our love is all we need. Circle in the sand.."

Joseph Bleu


LYNN and HORST said…
love this leopard rollneck
hot hot hot

thumbs up also to joseph baby...
Anonymous said…
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..... said…
well it looks like im not the only one lovin mischel !!! check his new pic on my blog !!
I gotta agree with horst...leopard will always rock my world...I didn't get the same BC vibe, but I'll sing along.
Euro Tailors said…
Nice photos!Good job!