L.A. Young Designer Albert Lopez' CottonBoy -(Photos by Edwin Cabrera)

Last April I went to South Beach Miami with model Randy Nash to shoot an underwear collection from a very young L.A. designer Albert Lopez for his CottonBoy label. Below are some of the photos I took and the interview I did with Albert.

I'm amazed how young you are, so when did you start designing clothes?
I started designing in high school as a freshman. My first year in Abraham Lincoln Magnet High School I came up with the idea of growing cotton and exploring how it is developed into the clothes which we wear now. I took my project so serious that I was inspired to become a designer

You said that your love for cotton material made you decide to call your label CottonBoy, so aside from the fabric what other factors influence your design?
Being natural influences my designs as well as the feel for the material because it is so comfortable and feels good on your body, not to mention we are helping our environment with the natural cotton. So go green and stay green.

What is your idea of a CottonBoy man/woman is?
CottonBoy is basically a male that believes in being natural and feeling comfortable while at the same time having a style for fashion and love the feel of the cotton fiber on their body. As for the woman she is beautiful, natural, fashionable and definitely feeling comfortable and confident with what she’s wearing.

You presented a collection for fall/winter 2007-08, are you planning of presenting a fashion show this coming L.A. fashion week?
Am at the stages of designing and planning for my next collection but unfortunately I will not be presenting a show for fashion week in LA, but I will definitely be presenting an underwear line this summer 2008.

So if someone wants some CottonBoy clothes where can they go to get them, and what's the next plan for CottonBoy?
At this point the best place is the CottonBoy .com there’s a link to emailing us and we will give you updates on new stuff coming out and your order that you place with us. We will be taking credit cards via Paypal soon. Another place they can buy my stuff is at our office in Los Angeles. My next plan is creating my 2009/2010 collection. Also in the agenda is getting my stuff out to major retailer worldwide which is a work in progress right now.

Photographer: Edwin Cabrera, Model: Randy Nash

Albert Lopez (CottonBoy) Background:
· Abraham Lincoln Magnet High School-Los Angeles
· American Intercontinental University-Los Angeles Fashion Marketing and Fashion Design with a BFA
· Los Angeles Trade-Technical College –Apparel Computer Technology and Textile
· Master in Fashion Marketing is NEXT



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