Icon For Petit Men - A Concept, A Philosophy, A Destination

I was walking around downtown Toronto when a guy hand me a flier for a new shop in Yorkville called Icon for Petit Men, a new fashion store catering for males with smaller body frame (S,XS). I was flattered because the last time I wore a petite size clothes were in grade school. Then I suddenly remembered that famous Patsy at “Jeremy’s” scene from ABFAB and I knew then I had to check out the store. Unlike the ABFAB scene, Icon for Petit Men is very warm and inviting boutique. I was greeted by a friendly Lisandro who was one of the owners who was currently busy fitting a customer. I could see that the store really provides top notch services for the customer not only treated like a king but a part of a family.

Currently the store is offering their own line of clothes ranging from casual shirts, club clothes, classic shirts, suits, underwear and accessories. Every clothes from the shop have names after their friends. A white with black stripes short sleeve button down shirt with 2 breast pocket and belt loop called “Richie” piqued my interest. It reminded me of an Alexander McQueen shirt I covet from his summer collection. There are a lot of unique wearable and fun clothes that normally one cannot find in a lot of “fast fashion” stores. The pair of green pants with a zipper that goes all the way to the back made me giggled. The shop sells a lot of cool graphic T-shirts too.

Aside from their own label Icon for Petite Men is offering a line of leather bags for men by Montreal designer Christopher Kon. The store has a gray Christopher Kon overnight bag that looks very desirable. (Icon is the only store in Toronto that sells Christopher Kon’s men’s line).

Lisandro said that he came up with the store concept after getting tired finding great fitting clothes specially business suits for his frame while he was working in a hotel industry. “I have to get my shirts from Gap Kids and if I find something that fits, me Richard have to fight over which one of us going to get it.”

He also hinted that they soon adding other high designer labels to their offerings, the DSquared2 in particular whose clothes are made for smaller built.(I know, my XL 52 DSquared2 fall black wool coat barely fits me.) They plan to position Icon for Petit Men to be one of top retail store servicing a particular segment of the market

Here are some of the items from thier ICON collection:

Here are photos of the store I took while I was there:

Here the very friendly owners Lisandro and Richard.

Icon Petit For Men is located at 102 Yorkville Ave. in Toronto


By the way here is the funny ABFAB scene I was talking about earlier just in case you haven't seen it.


aliimran said…
loving it already! i can relate to the long running frustration of finding clothes to fit a smaller frame...and yes, even the odd trip to GAP or Guess kids..heh heh. You would think that in a country like Malaysia, with a vast population of petit men, their sizes would run accordingly....sadly no. Some of the things that are actually in petit sizes are overly stylized and way too detailed for my taste. Good job people! now all you need to do is to open a branch here :)
Danifesto said…
I freakin loved this store. I felt a little like Julia Roberts in that shopping scene in Pretty Woman. Everything I tried on fit me! Me! The guy who freaks out once he realizes he's unwittingly wandered into the BIG AND TALL DEPARTMENT.
I bought a matching T-shirt and shorts and whenever I wear them out, I get kudos galore. I think XS is like accepting who you are as a size. I'm not going to grow more nor am I going to get *that* much bigger through protein shakes and working out 5x a week!
As Martha would say, "It's a good thing."