Photographer Joseph Bleu – Tells A Story

After studying fashion design in Paris and New York for 15 years, JOSEPH BLEU found his true passion in photography. His body of work is very cinematic. Each frame has a dreamlike quality and charged with emotion.

Below are photos of his new muse Andre. I love the melancholic feeling of normally just sexy underwear photos. It really takes a great talent like New York based Joseph Blue to shoot a very simple concept and styling like a pair of underwear and make it look something more and deeper.

His “After In A Playground” photos seem to tell a story of a man going back to a place where he used to go a lot when he was a very young kid. Plus I covet that stripe sweater with a scarf like neckline paired with blue vest. I wonder if that Martin Margiela sweater.

"Underwear Story"

"After In A Playground"

You can find more of his amazing works in his site

Joseph Blue is also part of a dynamic duo of photographers called “The Box Photo”.