Deleted Scene for the movie "Knocked Up'

This is a cute and funny and deleted scene from the movie “Knocked Up” Watch the guy rant about the movie Broke Back Mountain.

“Fucking Brokeback Mountain man! That the Fuck Ang Lee think he is. You supposedly to be making “pro-gay” movie” but I you never show a guy getting a hammer on the whole movie man. What Am I my a fucking 6 years old I can’t see a guy getting sucked up by another guy. I’m a realist. I want to see a real shit going down. I see 2 gay guys in the tent in Brokeback Mountain I want to see a fucking 69. I want to see asshole getting eating out. You tell me that shit doesn’t go down. Jake Gyllenhaal’s mouth probably watering on the whole movie. I don’t want Ang Lee telling me what sexy or not. I’ve seen enough tits in movies. I sit here watching tits the whole day. I don’t need to see Ann Hathaway’s tits. I need to see Jake Gyllenhaal on all four getting a whole mouthful of Ledger. ….”