Room Service by Adam Raphael

Adam Raphael a master of male erotic photographs, author of three well known book “Book One (hm, 1999), Friends (hm, 2001), and Friends & Brothers (hm, 2004) has a new book that just came out this year called “Room Service”. Room Service is a luxurious collection of 150 photographs of racially diverse male models lounging, bathing, and dining amid the sumptuous interiors and elegant finishes of the finest hotels of East Coast America.

Raphael began renting hotel rooms, after getting tired shooting inside the studios. He discovered that the hotel gave him endless variety and spontaneity, which became the premise of this book. With the help of J. C. Suarés who designed the settings and Nina Duran who includes spot illustration they capture a splendid visual images that capitalized on fantasy, texture and light.

The muscular models were aged 18 to 26, who are both clothed and unclothed, are photographed in repose, playful, and carefree in the privacy of their hotel suites. The end results are sensuous, beautiful and breathtaking.

Adam Raphael

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