Paris fashion brand LGN by Louis-Gabriel Nouchi offers a new vision of elegance through a contemporary lens. The silhouette becomes an intersection of classic tailoring, sportswear, grunge counter-culture, and traditional savoir-faire, granting the wearer new freedom and connection to what they wear. The clothes embrace unisex forms with fluid cuts adapted to modern ways of living. 

Photo and Video Directed by Keffer 

Starring In order of appearance Birane Ba - Pensionnaire de la Comédie-Française,
Mehdi Meskar, Axel Mandron, François-Xavier Phan,
Sébastien Pouderoux - Sociétaire de la Comédie-Française,
Dorian Fattoumi, Charles Van De Vyver, Marvin Dubart,
Ilian Bergala, Etienne Garnier, Ralph Amoussou ,
Produced by Soldats Films & Napoleon
Art direction : Adrien Poznanski assisted by Juliette Durand
Design : Camille Texier & Meghane Rolland
Sales Director: Bounthamaly Nguyen
Stylist : Andrej Skok Stylist
Assistants : Anne-Cécile Lemée & Audrey Petit
Make-up Artist: Vanessa Bellini assisted by Emilie Roveyaz
Hair Artist: Olivier Schawalder
Napoleon Events: Antoine Drubigny
Soldats Films : Charlotte Girard & Pierre Cazenave-Kaufman
Director of Photography: Keffer & Maxime Sabin
Camera Operator: Louis Roux
Sound Operator: Yves Bagot Sound Mixing: Romain Baronnet
Color Grading : Grégoire Giral
Editing : Remi Muzzupapa
Location Manager : Camilia Ad'oul
Thanks to Comédie-Française : Eric Ruf, Anne Marret, Baptiste Manier & Oscar Heliani
Guest Artist for the prints Edouard Taufenbach
Shoes Doc Martens
Press PopandPartners : David Jacquelot, Thomas Mercier, Romain Rigault
Location Lieu Du Collectif, Paris Courtesy of Eric Pierrot, Christine Martin & Marine Pierrot-Detry
Special Acknowledgments Pauline Duval, Eric Duval Claudia Vlagea,
Liliane Dos Santos, Ingrid Justin, Sophie Rioche, Nolween Hoellinger & Claire Marteau
Special Thanks Clelia Cazals, Marie Dessaux, Antoine Drubigny,
Charlotte Taillet, Marc Troulier & Alexandre Samson