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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Forbidden Love by Joseph Bleu

My friend Joseph Bleu sent me another of his great editorial photos called “Forbidden Love”. The story is based on the prejudice towards interracial coupling during the early times. Models are Christian Dubosse and Allison Howell from BASIC MODELS NYC.

"Just one kiss on my lips. Was all it took to seal the future. Just one look from your eyes. Was like a certain kind of torture. Once upon a time there was a boy, and there was a girl. Just one touch from your hands was all it took to make me falter. Forbidden love. Are we supposed to be together. Forbidden love, forbidden love. Forbidden love. We seal our destiny forever Forbidden love, forbidden love."(Madonna- "Confession From the Dance Floor")

"I don't, don't care if it's not right. To have your arms around me. I want to feel what it's like. Take all of you inside me. In your eyes. Forbidden Love. In your smile. Forbidden Love. In your kiss. Forbidden love. If I had one wish love would be like this." (Madonna-Bedtime Story).


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Bodhi said...

G'day! Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog, and have now added a link to it on my own site. Keep up the great work!

Sydney, Australia