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Friday, October 06, 2006

Ashton Kutcher Wishes He Had Brad Pitt's Body

In one of his interviews for his new film "The Guardian" Ashton Kutcher confessed that he's jealous of Brad Pitt's sexy, muscular body.

Ashton has confessed he was left green with envy after his wife Demi Moore, 43, lusted after Brad in his epic movie "Troy." According to TMZ, he said, "I went and saw 'Troy', I was with my wife and with a friend, and every time Brad came on he was like naked or whatever, they were like, 'Ohh', and I'm like, 'I'm right here, I'm sitting right next to you.'"

So to get in shape for the film "The Guardian", in which he plays a U.S. coastguard he hired Brad's personal trainer to help him get in shape.

Ashton said, "I knew this movie was coming up so I went out and hired Brad Pitt's trainer. I'm a pack-a-day smoker and I hadn't really worked out since high school, so it was tough, and I haven't kept up my training since the movie wrapped. I'm done. I'll train for the next one, it's fine, I'll run a little bit, I'll stay in shape, I can still do some pull-up's and I do some push-up's and stuff but it's just brutal. It's a full time job to keep yourself in that kind of shape, it's no joke."

I agree with Ashton Brad Pitt is so sexy that he's the only man I know who could wear a dress and still look so damn masculine.

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