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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Brad Davis

I saw “ Midnight Express” on TV as one of those special movie presentations on late night. I never heard anything about it or about the actor as a young kid who was normally just interested in superheroes and action films I never heard anything about it or about the actor. I thought it would be a “Ramboesque” kind of movie so I thought it would be kind of fun.

My heartbeat accelerated in warp speed during the entire film and especially during the scenes where Brad Davis were either half or fully naked. This film cemented my sexual preference. When I was in high school my neighbour Tony who was film student invited me to watch the film “Querelle” at his place. The image of Brad Davis in sailor uniform making out with another man was enough for me to go crazy. “Querelle” made Tony and me a great playmates for a few years.

So this for Brad Davis even though his movie career didn’t turn out bigger as it should had been. His male beauty will forever remain one of the greatest icons in gay culture.

"didn't someone once say that everyone's bisexual, deep down?"

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