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Friday, February 24, 2006

Who is the hottest Gap Guy

I need to replace some my basic clothes because they are all stained and rotting that they were somehow transform into bunch of highly expensive “Imitation of Cum Rag”. So yesterday I went to The Gap (well it is still a great place to shop for your basic plain T-shirt and khakis – “What khakis for winter!?” “No silly it didn’t buy a pair of khakis just a couple of classic blue and white T-shirt ). While the nice friendly sales clerk was helping get my size I felt someone was starring at me. When I turned to my back this cute shaggy haired blonde 20 something guy, standing just a few feet away was smiling at me. He seems look familiar I thought to myself. Then I remember he was the guy who working at same dark room with me at my school last semester. I recall saying to myself that he is some one hot number. So we started talking and later exchanged phone numbers. So I have a date this Saturday. His cooking and I’m bringing wine and a movie.

In honour of getting a hot date at the Gap, I decide to list all the hunky models on the Gap ads who made TV watching non DVR, nonVHS recorded, non TVOed and just your plain Jane TV show with commercial spots bearable.

Who is the hottest guy in Gap Ads:

1) Will Kemp

2) Raoul Bova

3) Orlando Bloom

4) Taye Diggs

5) Bunch on unknow models

6) Julien Hedquiest (Ok it's a TV spot but his print and outdoor ads were hot)

(Thank you very much Youtube.com)

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