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Monday, January 23, 2006


(illustration by Niwde)

It’s election here in Canada. The choices are between the Conservative party who has the right wing agenda, anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, abolished free medical insurance for everyone to finance the tax break for the rich, but who would probably win because the ruling Liberal party are lying scum and just coasting on their old laurels, and the NDP who are very liberal but don’t usually get a lot of vote because they are not strong enough nationally, so the centralist and other people with liberals views vote the “Liberal Party” just to prevent the Conservative Party to win. So this morning I voted NDP even though there’s a great probability that they may not win, but at least I voted for what I believe in not just succumbed from the scare tactics of the ruling party.

On Friday was CM birthday, so we met up after work and had chicken lasagna take out dinner and two glasses of red wine. I showed him some of my photos from my Italian trip. We decided to plan a trip together to somewhere in Europe. But since the two of us might face unemployment soon we need to plan it later the year hopefully around October, which is probably an ample time to save money. We are thinking of Amsterdam, Paris and London.

Me and my friend PT went to see “Munich” on a Saturday matinee show. It’s a great film but it just really very depressing. It gives you this helpless feeling and that the world is ruled and inhabited by heartless screwed up zealots. Eric Bana did a magnificent performance that completely erased his horrible “Incredible Hulk” past. Not to mention that he is hot tamale.
Saturday night was CM’s official birthday party. We all went to Tango & Crews – a lesbian and gay bar here. I was surprised to bump into an ex co-worker who was making out with another woman. God I didn’t know she’s lesbian.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Brokeback Mountain: Men's Fashion Fall 2006

Tehehehe! Valentino made a Brokeback Mountain reference in his Fall 2006 show.

(Photo is from Men.Style.com)